Ocean Club of Florida

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Season Highlights

The Ocean Club Committees and Staff are pleased to present highlights of our upcoming calendar. Save these dates for these special events:


November 10, Saturday The Annual Governor’s Dinner
November 19, Tuesday Member-Guest Cocktail Reception
November 23, Saturday Seafood Buffet & Kid’s Party
December 21, Saturday Annual Yuletide Seafood Buffet
December 28, Saturday Family Bingo Night
December 31, Tuesday New Year’s Eve Family Celebration
January 9, Thursday Shore Dinner
January 17, Friday New Member Cocktail Reception
January 25, Saturday Café Carlyle
January 30, Thursday Newer Dimensions – Palm Beach Opera
February 6, Thursday Shore Dinner
February 8, Saturday Oscars Night
February 22, Saturday Jamaican Me Crazy Night
February 27, Thursday Seafood Buffet & Kid’s Party
March 12, Thursday Seafood Buffet & Kid’s Party
March 17, Tuesday Family Bingo Night
March 24, Tuesday Trivia Night
March 26, Thursday Kids Movie Night
March 27, Friday Carnival Night
March 31, Tuesday Family Bingo Night
April 4, Saturday April In Paris
April 10, Friday Seafood Buffet & Kid’s Party
April 19, Sunday Annual Spring Splash
April 24, Friday Annual Meeting
May 2, Saturday Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Party